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A&A, A&A&  Astronomy & astrophysics (Print)
A&ARv  astronomy and astrophysics review
A&AS, A&AS&  Astronomy & astrophysics. Supplement series (Print)
A&AT  Astronomical and astrophysical transactions  OBSPM SCD  http://taddeo.catchwor
A&G  Astronomy & geophysics (Print)
AAA  Astronomy & astrophysics abstracts
AAS,BAAS  Bulletin - American Astronomical Society  ADS http://www.aas .org/publications/baas/baasindex.html
AcA  Acta Astronomica  http://cdsads.u-
AcApS+ChJAA  Acta Astrophysica Sinica  (IE)
AcASn, AcAS  Acta Astronomica Sinica  list 
AcC Acta cosmologica  list
AdSpR  Advances in Space Research
AFOEV  Bulletin - Association française d'observateurs d'étoiles variables (A.F.O.E  http://cdsweb.u-strasb
AfrSk  African skies  (IE)
AGAb,AGM Abstract series - Astronomische Gesellschaft
AJ, AJ&  Astronomical journal
AJA  Astronomischer Jahresbericht
AN, AN& Astronomische Nachrichten
AnAp Annales d'astrophysique http://cdsads.u-
AnHar  Annals of Harvard College Observatory
AnHar  Annals of the astronomical observatory Harvard College
AnSAO  Annals of the Astrophysical Observatory of the Smithsonian Institution  vol. 1
Ap  Astrophysics
Ap&SS  Astrophysics and space science  ADS SCD
APh  Astroparticle physics  (IE)  SCD
ApJ, ApJ&  Astrophysical journal
ApJS, ApJS&  Astrophysical journal. Supplement series
ApL&C, ApL&  Astrophysical letters & communications  list
ApNr  Astrohysica Norvegica  http://cdsads.u-
ARA&A  Annual Revidw oŠ Awtronomy and Astrophysics
ARep+SvA  Astronomy reports(transl. Azh)  OBSPM
ASPC  Astronomical Society of the Pacific conference series  list
Ast  Astronomy (Waukesha)
AstL+SvAL  Astronomy letters(transl. PAZh)  OBSPM
ATel Astronomer's Telegram (The)  http://www.astronomerstelegram .org/
AuJPA  Australian journal of physics.Astrophysical supplement  ADS http://cdsads.u-
AuJPh  Australian journal of physics  ADS http://www.publish.
AVSOM  AAVSO monograph
BAAA  Boletín de la Asociación Argentina de Astronomía
BAAS,AAS  Bulletin - American Astronomical Society  ADS
BaltA  Baltic astronomy  ADS http://cdsads.u-s
BAVSM  BAV-Mitteilungen
BAVSO  AAVSO bulletin
BAVSR  BAV-Rundbrief
BCrAO Bulletin of the Crimean Astrophysical Observatory (transl.of IzKry)  (IE)  http://www.crao.crimea. ua/tom/TOM/izv.html
BHarO Bulletin of the Harvard College Observatory  ADS ADS
C&E  Ciel et espace (Revue)
C&T  Ciel et terre
CasRe  Reprints - Case Western Reserve University, Warner and Swasey Observatory  list
CeMDA  Celestial mechanics & dynamical astronomy  SCD
CfAPr  Preprint series - Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics
ChA&A  Chinese astronomy  SCD
ChA&A  Chinese astronomy and astrophysics  SCD
ChJAA+AcApS  Chinese journal of astronomy and astrophysics.
CoKon  Communications from the Konkoly Observatory of the Hungarian Academy of Scie  ces
CoKyo  Contributions from the Department of Astronomy, Kyoto University
CoSka  Contributions of the Astronomical Observatory Skalnate Pleso  htt p://
EM&P  Earth, moon, and planets
ESABu  ESA bulletin (Online)
ESASP ESA SP (Print)  list
ESASP ESA SP (Online)  http://e
ESOAR  Annual report - ESO
ESOSP  ESO scientific preprint
Exa  Experimental astronomy  SCD
GCN  GCN GRB Observation Report (Online) =GCN Circular
GEOSC  Geos circular on eclipsing binaries (EB)
HelR  Report - Observatory and Astrophysics Laboratory. University of Helsinki
HvaOB  Hvar Observatory bulletin
IAUC  Circular - Central Bureau for Astronomical Telegrams, International Astronom  cal U  ion
IAUCo  International Astronomical Union colloquium  list
IAUDS  Information circular - IAU Commission 26. Double Stars
IAUEB  Bibliography and program notes on close binaries
IAUS  Symposium - IAU  >vol.190 list http://www.astros
IAUS  Symposium - IAU  ADS< /td>
IAUT  Transactions of the International Astronomical Union  list
IBVS  Information bulletin on variable stars (IBVS)
Icar  Icarus  SCD
INGN Isaach Newton Group (ING) newsletter etter
IrAJ  Irish Astronomical Journal
IUEEN  IUE ESA newsletter
JAF  Journal des astronomes français
JApA=JA&A  Journal of astrophysics and astronomy  ADS
JAVSO  Journal of the American Association of Variable Star Observers
JBAA  Journal of the British Astronomical Association  http://cdsads.u-
JHA  Journal for the History of Astronomy  list
JKoAS=JKAS  Journal of the Korean Astronomical Society  ADS
JO  Journal des observateurs  http://cdsads.u-
JRASC  Journal of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada ADS
KFNT ?  Kinematics and physics of celestial bodies  list
LAstr Astronomie (1911) .htm
Mercu  Mercury
MiARB  Mitteilungen - Astronomisches Rechen-Institut Heidelberg. Serie B  list
MiARI  Mitteilungen - Astronomisches Rechen-Institut Heidelberg. Serie A  list
MitAG  Mitteilungen der Astronomischen Gesellschaft
MmSAI  Memorie della Società astronomica italiana  ADS C.htm
MNRAS  Monthly notices of the Royal Astronomical Society (Print)
Msngr  Messenger (Garching)
NASAC  NASA conference publication
NASAR  NASA reference publication
NASAS  NASA special publication  et list
Natur  Nature (London)  (IE)
NewA  New astronomy (Gedrukt)  SCD
NewAR  New astronomy reviews  SCD
Obs  Observatory  ADS
PASA  Publications of the Astronomical Society of Australia
PASAu  Publications (or Proceedings) of the Astronomical Society of Australia
PASJ  Publications of the Astronomical Society of Japan  ADS
PASP  Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific
PBeiO + ARBei  Publications of the Beijing Astronomical Observatory  (IE)
PhFl  Physics of fluids (The) (1958)
PhR  Physics reports  SCD
PhRvA  Physical review.A. Atomic, molecular, optical physics
PhRvC  Physical review. C. Nuclear physics
PhRvD  Physical review. D. Particles and fields
PhRvL  Physical review letters (Print)
PhT  Physics today  (IE)
PNAOJ  Publications of the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan
Psci  Pour la science
PUSNO  Publications of the United States Naval Observatory  list
PW&SO  Publications of the Warner and Swasey Observatory  list
Rech  Recherche (Paris. 1970)
RMxAA  Revista mexicana de astronomía y astrofísica  http://www.astroscu.un
RMxAC  Revista mexicana de astronomía y astrofísica. Serie de conf&n bsp; http://www.astroscu.un
RocZn  Rocznik Astronomiczny Obserwatorium Krakowskiego. Dodatek Miedzynarodowy
RPPh  Reports on progress in physics (Print)
RvMA. Reviews in modern astronomy
RvMP  Reviews of modern physics
S&T  Sky and telescope
S&W  Sterne und Weltraum (Print)
Sci  Science (Washington, D.C.)  (IE) SCD
SoPh  Solar physics
SvA+ARep  Soviet astronomy(transl. Azh)  list http://ojp
SvAL+AstL  Soviet astronomy letters(transl. PAZh)  list http://ojp
SSRv  Space science reviews
USNOC  United States Naval Observatory ci˛cula2&n`sp; list
VA  Vistas in astronomy  SCD
VatAR  Annual report - Vatican Observatory
VeARI  Veroffentlichungen des Astronomischen Rechen-Instituts Heidelberg  list
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